Why Choose Concrete Decor

More than ever, in the wake of Facebook scandals and digital ad blunders, the power of print is recognized as the best and most reliable source of information for industries of all types.

At Concrete Decor magazine, we make it our business to connect our audiences with information they can appreciate and use. We pair this information with advertising that contextually complements these messages. That cycle starts in our pages and continues along a path of increased exposure with targeted online audiences. It’s that simple.

We welcome and enjoy information that’s paired with promotional messages that target an individual’s specific needs and interests. Print delivers messages in a noninvasive, nontracking way that respects privacy. The content becomes a recipient’s property — it’s not just pixels on a screen — and we aren’t compromising anyone’s digital identity.

When content originates in print, the extension of that information to its online platform www.concretedecor.net grows increasingly targeted as viewers can now find exactly what they need via a search. We are the king of content at Concrete Decor and that attribute is recognized with thousands of daily visitors looking for specific and related content for just about any type of decorative or architectural concrete project.

Isn’t it about time you got your messages in front of the people who actually want your products? Call Concrete Decor today. Tell us what your goals are for 2019 and let us design a print/online strategy that is tailored to achieving your goals in the New Year.

We look forward to working with you.




Bent Mikkelsen, Publisher

Concrete Decor magazine