Intelligence Center

Visual and interactive dashboard brings marketing metrics to life

Concrete Decor magazine’s Intelligence Center delivers website analytics you can trust. There is a number of ways to reach your target audiences with Concrete Decor, and having the tools to measure your print and online ad performance is priceless. It’s why Concrete Decor magazine developed the Intelligence Center for its important industry partners.

The Intelligence Center provides:

  • On-demand snapshots of your marketing results
  • Easy-to-understand metrics that monitor your daily, weekly, monthly and annual advertising performance
  • Automated lead-generation
  • Training & Events portal
  • Product Guide/Product Locator portal
  • Sponsored Subscriber database/demographics

As the number of ways to reach your target audience increases, so does the need to have access to and understand the numbers that measure the success of your efforts. Concrete Decor magazine has developed the Intelligence Center, a powerful resource for advertisers.

Concrete Decor advertisers can login and find valuable tracking information at

Contact your Account Manager at (877) 935-8906 to learn more about putting the power of the Intelligence Center to work for you.