Newsletter Advertising

Opt-in-only subscribers are primed to connect with your company

Sent to 19,000 opt-in-only subscribers, our semi-monthly e-newsletters reach serious prospects and customers. All e-newsletters have limited ad slots available.

Newsletter Analytics
Advertisers are provided with login information to the Intelligence Center to monitor their campaigns, including statistics on ad impressions and clicks.

“HOT Deals” (limit 1 per issue)
This ad is among the first item readers see and click on when opening the e-newsletter. It’s the perfect venue for promotional or time-sensitive offers (90K max. image, 550 x 185 px). Includes a link to your website.

1X 3X 6X 12X
$425 $361 $325 $308

Advertorial (limit 2 per issue)
Embedded within the content, the advertorial ad is designed to look like an editorial article. Your ad can include a photo (200 x 250 px max.) along with a 100-word description that can include a headline, specifications or product attributes, contact information and a link to your website.

1X 3X 6X 12X
$425 $361 $325 $308

Block Builder

Each ad is linked to a landing page, PDF, website or email link of your choice.

250 x 200 pixels. Maximum initial file load size is 40KB. Max. animation length: 15 sec. Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal web page content (i.e., ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content).

1X 3X 6X 12X
$355 $301 $271 $257